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We are a community with a purpose. A place where college students come together to ask questions, explore who Jesus Christ is and search for something bigger than themselves...something that's beyond their busy worlds of homework, stress, work and ideas of success. From our weekly worship experience, to intramurals, to trips that take you halfway around the world, we are a passionate community that journeys through life together.

We meet on campus for Challenge every Thursday night at 8pm at the BCM (BPT on the USF Map). Take the A shuttle to the last stop on Sycamore. 

Want to keep up with what's going on? Here are some ways:

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Find out where all of our small group Bible Studies are taking place.

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Come experience worship and life-changing messages.

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Are you looking for a local church to get plugged in with? Check out our list of churches that we encourage students to attend.